Hello everyone!

I am Surendra Shrestha an ordinary person looking forward to do extraordinary things.? This site is my merest attempt to share what I know with the world. This site is also intended to provide me a future reference which might as well be helpful to others. I am from Nepal and pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information technology.

There are no limitations of my interest. I do whatever I feel like doing. Computers are one of my many interest and want to share as much as I have learned with the help of this blog. I am more keen towards the graphic designing. I have been working on several of the desktop publishing and graphic designing works too.

I am very thankful to Mr. Nitesh for helping me create my blog and help me share my knowledge with others. I am also thankful to all my friends who have been helpful to me directly or indirectly in the process of learning.

Any suggestion are welcome regarding the site. Feel free to write at [email protected] .

If you want to know about me or connect to me, the you can catch me at my facebook.

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  1. hello sir Namaste,
    I’m from kirtipur
    Ma tapaiko website guide le garda 1ta domain register samma gare. please malai tapai kai jasto blog ko theme kasari download garne sikaidinus na?

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