Running old programs that worked in XP or Vista, in windows 7

Many of us who used to run some programs in windows xp which worked fine but didn?t work on the latest version of windows. I am involved in designing and have the need to run the old programs like pagemaker. Windows 7  can be troublesome when you have that old software bundled with your device and its program does not work and you don?t have the newer release of the program or other old but helpful programs. Well this can be solved at some extent.

In windows 7 you can use the compatibility mode to run your old games or software that is giving you trouble and wont open. There are two ways, either you can use troubleshoot compatibility let windows decide to make the program run or you can do it manually. Here?s how you do it.

Using Troubleshoot compatibility wizard

  1. Right click the program
  2. Click troubleshoot compatibility

Follow the instructions and try running the programs in different compatibility modes.

Configure manually

  1. Right click the program
  2. Click properties
  3. Click the compatibility tab
  4. Click run this program compatibility mode for and select the version of windows on which the program worked fine.
  5. Apply the settings

You may want to change the configuration in settings section also, if the above does not work.

You can also apply the compatibility mode for the setup files as well to install the old programs.

This helped me run some old programs like pagemaker, fontgrapher, the font thing run fine.Smile

Hope this was helpful.