Best programs for Creating mounting or burning iso files in windows 7

In windows 7 the older version of nero does not work. I was very fond of nero cause it was all in one package when I had XP installed. But since I switched to windows 7 I had problem. I didn?t have the newer release of nero so that when I realized that I should get another program that was free and helped.

I would like to share some of the programs that I use in windows 7 .

1. For Data burning


Nero is the best tool for data burning on cd and dvd. Nero has been generous enough to provide the free version of it since the version 9. It has very less features to that of the full paid version but should be handy burning or copying cd. It is also able to create the image file but it only gives the freedom of creating the .nrg extension image.

2. Creating ISO images

Free DVD ISO Maker 1.2

This is simple easy to easy software from minidvdsoft that I used to create iso images and best of all it is free. There are other cool software’s that are provided which are handy. I haven?t got to use all of them because I didn?t needed it. Here are the list of other free software from minidvdsoft.

  • 3. Mounting Image files

    Virtual Clone Drive

    The last thing I needed was a program to mount the image files. I came of with virtual clone drive when the alcohol didn?t work in windows 7. This to is a small simple program that allows you to create multiple virtual cd/dvd drive. I also found that it was able to mount the other format image files like .nrg. Though its doesn?t show at the mount options you can select show all files and can even mount the .nrg files.

    And there you have it all the necessary software to mount, burn, rip or create images files. And all are free Smile.