Customize your startup application

Ever noticed how fast your computer loaded when you recent formatted your computer and then it slowly began to take time to load as you install more and more programs. Well that?s because your computer needs to startup more and more application and services at the startup due to installation of more and more programs. This can be really irritating because you have to keep waiting until your computer loads fully.

There are many application that can help you reduce or customize the startup applications. But why use other applications when you can customize it within the windows. Keeping startup application to minimum helps you to startup your computer much much faster. You can disable the unwanted programs that unnecessarily starts at system boot.

This is how you customize the startup application.

1. In the search box type msconfig


press windows+r and type msconfig

2. In system configuration window select startup tab

3. Uncheck all the programs that you don?t need at the startup like messenger etc..

3. Apply the setting

The good thing is you can always enable the programs later if you like it to run at the startup. Customizing the startup really helps to save load time of the windows try it.Smile