Removing file association in Windows 7

Recently I came up with a strange problem in windows seven. My brother had accidentally associated the .exe extension files to open with the notepad. Now every other exe file in the computer would open with the notepad. I tried out the default program in the control panel to see if? i could change it to nothing; but it had no option to disassociate the file type but except to associate with the other programs. First I thought of using the system restore but then it would wipe out the recent program which had installed. Then what I did was I created a new user and that solved the problem. The program association was changed to default for the new user. Lastly I copied all the files from the old user and deleted that user account. That was simple trick that helped me solve? my problem, later i searched the internet for the other solutions and found the following solutions.

I came up to this software which helps you to edit file association in windows.

Down load file: File unassociation

If you have come up with a better solution then please write. 🙂


If you are using the windows vista of the later version of windows that is windows 7 then you must be familiar with the the picture puzzle gadget. By default there are 11 pictures and there is no setting available for us to change the picture or add new. I was wondering if i could add or change the default picture and finally found a way to do it.

Here’s how you do it.


Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\PicturePuzzle.Gadget” here C: is the root drive where the system files are located it might be other than C: in you computer, but it is C: generally.

Step 2: CREATE the IMAGE

Now get the image you want to appear in the picture puzzle. Now resize your image to the size of 108 X 108 pixel with the bit depth of 32. You can do this in the Paint itself. Just open the image using paint press ctrl + w. Press the pixels button and uncheck maintain aspect ration and give the value 108 to horizontal and vertical. Now save the picture in the *.png format, you can give any name in the field Astrix .


Copy the image you just made in to this folder “C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\PicturePuzzle.Gadget\Images” and rename the picture as 12.png. If you are able to copy your file to this folder then congrats! if not then stay easy here’s how to fix that.

*NOTE: Here we are changing the security of the system drive. Changing the security of critical system folder can make your computer vulnerable to the the virus attacks. But changing the security for this folder should not be harmful.

——>NAVIGATE TO C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

——>Right click the PicturePuzzle.Gadget folder

——>Click on the security tab> Click Advanced TAB> Click on Owner TAB>Click EDIT>On the the change owner to select youruser>select apply>select ok

Now try copying that image.. NOW if a message appears for administrative permission click continue. There should not be any problem.

Step 4: Change the js script file

Now locate the file settings.js which can be found on “C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\PicturePuzzle.Gadget\en-US\js”. Right click the file and click edit. On the 7th line change the value to 12 and save. If you cannot save the file then again you have to change the security setting for that file.

—–>right click the settings.js file

—–>select properties>select security>click advanced>click owner>click edit>select your user>select apply

—–>Now again on security tab click edit>select your user>Give full control to the user>click ok

Now there should not be any problem editing the script file.

STEP 5:Enjoy

Now the picture should be available in the puzzle gadget. Enjoy arranging your custom image. You can add more pictures in the image folder just keep on increasing the numbers from 12 to 13 and so on….Enjoy!!

HOPE for the comments if there is any mistake here.