Disable the arrow in windows vista/windows 7 that shows in the Shortcut Icon

Most of the programs that you install in your computer creates a shortcut at your desktop. I install whole lots of programs and there are whole lot of program icon that sits up at my desktop. The only problem with the icons is its beauty is destroyed with the windows overlay of the arrow to show that it?s a shortcut. So I searched the internet for if I could delete that arrow that pops on my icon.

I found some registry tweaks for it but I opted a small software that deleted the arrows from my icon. Now my icons at my desktop looks great without the shortcut arrow. If you are willing to delete the arrow from your icon then I recommend you to use this software.

Download the software from this mediafire link.



1. Extract the zip file FxVisor32.zip

2. Find FxVisor32.exe and open it



4. Select no arrow if you want to remove the arrow.

5. Now all you need to do is logoff to see the changes





After (Looks Nice without that arrow isn?t it?)

*Note: If you want to download the file from the original source of the article you need to install the program in order to use the program. If you download from my mediafire link you do not need to install the program just extract it and use it. Also my operating system is a 32 bit. Don’t know if this program works for the 64 bit Operating system.

Original Source: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/disable-shortcut-icon-arrow-overlay-in-windows-vista/

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