Easiest way to upload multiple photo in facebook

These days facebook has become a popular social networking site. Almost everyone of us has got the facebook account. You can simply share your photos, videos links your status etc. While sharing photos it little tedious to upload the multiple photos via facebook itself. So what to do if you have that folder of a party snaps in your drive and want to upload all on facebook with a single shot.

This is where I use Picasa. Let me tell you a little about Picasa, if don?t know. If you know just skip to the next paragraph. Picasa is a software to manage all your digital photos (also video) and also view them. It has a nice interface and is easy to use. It also have several handy image manipulation tools that is a real time saver. You can fix a crooked image, or vanish those pimples from you face. Also there is a powerful collage tool which I really like. This software is available in all other OS (Linux,Mac os) apart from windows.

Download Picasa

Picasa is originally meant to upload photos directly to your Picasa web album. But its not the limit you can also use Picasa to upload the photos to your facebook account. All you need is the facebook apps for the Picasa called Picasa uploader.

Visit this site  http://apps.facebook.com/picasauploader/

Download it from there all the instruction about its usage is given there.

When you are done you should be able to see this facebook button on your Picasa.


Just select the photos you want to upload at once and click the facebook button.


When this appears in your browser you can use default or user your existing facebook albums or create one. When you are done last thing you want to do is approve the uploaded photo in facebook. You can approve all the photos at once.

Also if you like windows live photo gallery to do it you can download its plugin from the internet. http://liveuploadfacebook.codeplex.com/

Hope you are uploading lots of photos to facebook.

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