How to use Android Phones as a USB mass storage device

I don?t know about many phones and how the usb mass storage option works on others but if you are having problem using your android phone as usb mass storage then read through this article.

In my Samsung Galaxy POP(GT-S5570) it bugged me a lot while using it as a usb mass storage device. And also in some other android I had to go through the same process to use it as a usb mass storage.

When you connect your android mobile phone via data cable I didn?t get any option to use it as a pen drive or usb mass storage. If I had drivers installed then I could get the message usb debugging connected. If the driver is installed on the computer you connected your android device, then you can see the usb icon at the top left along with the droid logo. If you pull down you can see the option USB connected, Select to copy files to/from your computer. If selected you can get the option to turn on USB storage and you can use it as a usb mass storage.

But if you are in others computer i.e there is no driver installed for you device then you have to go through the process below.

  1. Connect your device with the data cable.
  2. Go to your device settings.
  3. Select Applications
  4. Select the Development option
  5. Uncheck the USB debugging.
  6. Make sure the usb debugging is unchecked.
  7. Then you should get the option to Turn on USB storage.
  8. Select it and then you can use your phone as the usb storage device

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  1. Follow your process. Option USB is comming. But when touch on “Connect Storage to PC” it do not connects via usb to transfer files. Please help.

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