Keyboard Layout for Nepali



Here is a keyboard layout for Nepali typing. Hope this will be helpful for those who are willing to type Nepali. I have also included the alt combination keystrokes. Feel free to download and use it as a reference.

Click the image for larger view. But I recommend you download the PDF for quality printing or viewing.

Download the PDF: Nepali layout kb

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50 thoughts on “Keyboard Layout for Nepali”

  1. Can you help me? I am learning Nepali and want to type in Nepali, but cannot find the character for ‘pha’? I can see that ‘pa’ is K, but how do I find ‘pha’???? Sorry if I am being blind!!

    Many Thanks

      1. how about half “pha” so that i could write afno…!!!as for me alt+ key gives me totally different result than it is shown is quite painful to learn nepali me bro.

  2. Hi,
    I’m using the pre-installed Nepali input (Mangal/Arial) in my XP system so that I can can type Hindi (don’t have the orig. XP CD). How do I get “aa”, “oo”, “ee”?

  3. Thanks for your sharing~

    But the Alt Combinations are not working.
    I’m a Korean, so I use a korean version of Windows 7.
    Does it matter?
    I tried them on MS Word and Memo.

    1. The alt key combinations should work well on any versions of windows. It’s the only way to insert the special characters like registered trade mark etc. There must be something wrong. Are you sure you are doing it right?? You have to keep holding the alt and type the number and then release the alt key. You can also try the character map to copy the words and insert them in the word or other programs.
      To open character map type charmap in run(windows+r) then select the fonts and copy the character you want and paste it.

    2. bro sometime alt + number is not work because of off of numb lock,so on the numb lock and try will work.if it there is still problem than go to option than go to ‘autocorrect as you type’ than uncheck ‘straight quote’.after this if there is still problem than use charmap on run.

  4. just Beside enter key akar or it is called something else it cannot be typed whenever I type it types comma help needed.

  5. for ko first select kantipurfont then type s f and }which becomes ko try it and see it for yourself.

  6. how to get started learn to type in nepali most effectively? what fonts to download, what to practice?

    1. it is already there, just hold alt and type the code note the number keys in the main keyboard but on the numpad, if you dont have a number pad then you can try copying the characters from character map in windows, or use a keyboard with numpad. lot of dell keyboard don’t have numpad

  7. i cant type “ku” in Preeti font while I had typed “ka” but cant make it “ku”. I cant get by typing the key ‘ even typed with shift or caps it gives as that in Times New Roman and it automatically turns to Times New Roman font.

  8. there are swor and byanzan barna in nepali font,, but in this key board only byanzan is provided where is swor barna plz include it as well

  9. Hello Sir I am having problem to type MU , I am following your keyboard layout its shown there in the layout but while typing it the inverted commas comes up. Please help me with it.

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