Get skype on android phones(Galaxy Pop)

This post is for those who are using android phone on our country (Nepal), because Skype is not available directly via android market. Also this will be helpful for those who are unable to install skype or skype is not working on android phones like galaxy pop.

It seems that Skype is now available locally in the android market for Nepal. Cheers!


*****************************POST UPDATE***********************

If you want to follow the rest of the post then you can go through it. But i figured out alternate method to download skype and other similar programs directly on mobile.

To follow up for this procedures, your phone needs to be rooted. I used superoneclick to root my phone. Please search google for the superoneclick and read the documentations and instructions carefully before you try to root your phone. Once your phone is rooted, download the market enabler software on your mobile from Once you get the software install it on your mobile and you can fake your provider to US-verizon or others. Once you fake it you can search for the skype and it will be visible on the market.



Recently I have been frustrated by not being able to use Skype on my android phone(samsung galaxy pop). The android market is country specific and will only show applications that are available for the specific region or country. So the skype was not listed on the market to download it from there. So I went to search for alternate location to download the skype and found some links. But when I installed the skype it gave the error message:

The application Skype (process stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

This was a huge frustration after searching skype for so long and installing, and it does not work. I did some search about the problem and found out that the error was caused because the phone was not supported as it has low screen resolution. (SRC:

So it seems that the newer release of skype is not supported for our sets. So I searched for the older versions and found some.

I?ve Got the Skype installed on my phone and it is working well. It also supports the voice calls and hasn?t shown any error message. I didn?t install other versions and don?t know if it works or not. You can try other versions if the skype is not working.

Skype (Working on my Samsung Galaxy POP with voice calls)

skype apk v1.0.0.614

skype apk v1.0.0.538

Skype (This is the newer version that did not work and gave the above error message, but might work for the handset having higher screen resolution; mine was 240 x 320 pixels)

Please let me know if the links are ok. If the links are dead I will host the files myself.