Free Utility for Windows to get your computer details

Ever been in a situation when you lost your driver CD and don?t know what is your mother board model number? Well you don?t want to open up your computer and search for the model number. The best way to find about your computer hardware i.e model number manufacturer is to use this software.

CPU-Z is a cool software I came up with to find out about computer hardware information. Just copy paste the program and execute it. It can tell all the details you need about your hardware as shown in the screenshot. After determining the model no you can search the internet for the model specific drivers.


CPU-Z is a freeware and can be freely distributed

Download CPU-Z HERE!!
For 32 bit download

For 64 bit download

Don?t know which one to download?

View the properties of your computer to find out which version of windows you have installed and download the same bit program.