How to know instantly DVD/CD or B-ray release of a MOVIE

If you are a Movie freak and you like to download and watch movie in high quality then this is really interesting for you. There are movies that are released and you don’t know whether it has been released in DVD or B-ray. The only way to find if the movie is been released in dvd is to Google search or see its releases in Wikipedia or imdb etc. Buts this takes lots of time and it also means that you have to frequently check the site for if it has been released in dvd.

What if you don’t need to check for it. Wouldn’t it be great to find out instantly when the movie is available in DVD or B-ray. Then here’s the tip. Go to create a free account. Search for the movie you want in movie section. In amazon there are movies that are listed in coming soon section. In Amazon you are told ?Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.? for the coming soon items. Click on the sign up and you are done. The amazon will mail you about the DVD or B-ray Release of the movie as soon as it is available.


Now you can either go to shop to find your copy if you like to purchase. For others you can search its dvd rip or b-ray rip of the movie in torrent or other file hosting sites?.Winking smile

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