Removing file association in Windows 7

Recently I came up with a strange problem in windows seven. My brother had accidentally associated the .exe extension files to open with the notepad. Now every other exe file in the computer would open with the notepad. I tried out the default program in the control panel to see if? i could change it to nothing; but it had no option to disassociate the file type but except to associate with the other programs. First I thought of using the system restore but then it would wipe out the recent program which had installed. Then what I did was I created a new user and that solved the problem. The program association was changed to default for the new user. Lastly I copied all the files from the old user and deleted that user account. That was simple trick that helped me solve? my problem, later i searched the internet for the other solutions and found the following solutions.

I came up to this software which helps you to edit file association in windows.

Down load file: File unassociation

If you have come up with a better solution then please write. 🙂

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